Waitress Gets a Big, Big Tip

Just a tip for waitstaff worldwide: A little courtesy can go a long way.

Jessica Osborne was so nice to one set of frequent patrons of the Indiana pizza restaurant where she works that they always requested her as their server.

"They make your day better when they come in," Osborne said of the family.

During one meal, the waitress paused during a lull in her shift to sit with the family and chat. She mentioned that she'd had to drop out of college twice because she couldn't afford her tuition.

A week later, the family returned for what seemed like a regular outing. But this time they topped their pizza dinner off with a check for $10,000.

Coach Hits the Right Note

The Philadelphia Phillies may have won the World Series, but Philadelphia 76ers coach Maurice Cheeks had already won our hearts.

Back when Cheeks coached the Portland Trail Blazers, nerves got the best of 13-year-old Natalie Gilbert as she began to sing the national anthem before a Blazers/Mavericks game.

Suddenly forgetting the words, Gilbert stood frozen in front of thousands of fans.

Like a true pro, Coach Cheeks strode to Gilbert's side, put his arm around her, and coaxed the crowd to join in. The two finished the anthem together to a chorus of cheers ... and one big hug.

Soup Kitchen for Dogs

Times are tough for everyone, human or otherwise. Claudia Hollm knows that while the rest of us can cut back on our spending, our "best friends" still need their kibble.

To ease the financial strain on less-fortunate pet owners, the Berlin native opened a soup kitchen exclusively for dogs.

Hollm has nothing against humans, but she says, "Making sure dogs don't go hungry is just as important."

73-Year-Old Shoots, Scores!

The college basketball season is heating up, and it's not just the young hoopsters who are hitting the floor.

After being away from the court for more 50 years, Ken Mink decided he wanted to play again. The 73-year-old Tennessean wrote letters to local colleges to find one that would give him a shot, so to speak. One Roane State Community College was cool enough to let him lace 'em up.

The weeks of practice and sheer desire worked out well for Mink, who also became a full-time student at Roane. In his first official game he scored two points on two free throws in a 93-42 victory. "I just floated the shots in there," Mink said. "I'm in the books now."

Goodwill Employee Gives Back

Next time you make a clothing donation to your local thrift store, be sure to check all the pockets ... and the shoeboxes.

On Teodora Petrova's first day on the job at an Illinois Goodwill store, she found more than loafers in a shoebox -- namely $7,500 in cash.

Not a bad payoff for a day's work, right? Not for Petrova, who recently moved to the U.S. from her native Bulgaria: She immediately reported her find to her supervisor.

Goodwill is working to reunite the cash with its accidental donor. If the person isn't located, the money will "go toward the charity's job-placement efforts."

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