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Two-Legged Puppy Gets a Lift

Scooby-RooThe discovery was ghastly: a severely injured puppy, missing two front legs, lying under a wrecked car.

For most animals, a similar condition would lead to euthanasia. But six-month-old Scooby-Roo is now rolling toward recovery, thanks to several helping hands.

The heart-warming rescue began with a good Samaritan who found the pooch in a gang-ridden section of Los Angeles. The wounded pooch -- whom rescue workers determined was probably born without front legs -- was afraid of men, suggesting he had been beaten.

Once discovered, the pup was taken to Fuzzy Rescue, an organization that specializes in finding homes for hard-to-adopt canines.The dog -- given the name Scooby-Roo by Fuzzy Rescue staff -- was playful and got around well, even though he looked like a kangaroo or a T-Rex when he walked. Still, Scooby-Roo's lack of front legs represented a potential safety hazard, so Fuzzy Rescue CEO Shelia Choi had a custom-made cart designed for him. Thanks to his new wheels, Scooby-Roo is getting around much better -- and is no longer at risk of falling on his face.

"It's a happy-ending story for all of us," said Choi, the dog's foster mom, "and it really motivates us to continue what we do for these animals."

Thanks go to Bark Pet Photography for use of the photo of Scooby-Roo above, which they took "pro bone-o."

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